Do you find that your washer or dryer is making noise? Are you thinking it’s time to replace them? Think again! Sicklerville, NJ Fisher’s Appliance Services can help with your washer and dryer needs! Home appliances are made to last a long time, but need maintenance once in a while. Technology and new features in washers and dryers are the reason prices have gone up in recent years. Let Fisher’s Appliance Services repair your appliance before spending the money for a new one. Our Sicklerville technicians are here to help with any needs from the questions below.

Is your current washing machine leaking?
Is the washing machine not draining?
Is your washing machine not spinning?

No matter what type of appliance is in your home, we can help. Our Sicklerville, NJ technicians have experience in all repair areas.

Are you living with a dryer that doesn’t work?

A broken dryer is not a good thing for your clothes, as it can cause problems to them. Fisher’s Appliance Repair can repair any type of dryer including side-by-side, stackable, electric, or gas. Our services are quick and are for both homes and business owners.

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