Appliance Repair in Mt. Holly

Mount Holly, NJ Fisher’s Appliance Services are offered for any worries with appliances that are not working properly. There is no need to stress because most appliances require proper care, maintenance, and the occasional tune up to last. Appliances have gone up in price due to new technology and efficient features. It is important to try and repair what is broken before buying a new system. Below are three questions, if you answer yes to any of them contact Fisher Appliance Repair.

Is your current washing machine leaking?
Is the washing machine not draining?
Is your washing machine not spinning?

Our technicians around the Mt. Holly, NJ area will assist in any issue your having, regardless of the type of washing machine you own.

Are you living with a dryer that doesn’t work?

A broken dryer means your clothes will not dry well. Mount Holly Fisher’s Appliance Repair Services will assist you with a gas or electric dryer, and a stackable or side-by-side dryer. We offer home and business services because our technicians are trained for commercial grade and tumble dryers. They will know if they should replace the belt or perform dryer duct repair.